Erectile dysfunction is the male-oriented disorder affect the sexual function of the male. It causes an inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for successful intercourse. It is a widespread problem among people having chronic diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. It damages nerves and blood … Read more

Erectile dysfunction and impaired ejaculation of semen

The human body is a work of art, where every tiny detail makes a contribution towards the bigger picture. Various processes happen at molecular, cellular, tissue and organ levels. Further still, there exists differences and anomalies that occur either congenitally, sexually, racially, by age, et cetera. These anomalies can be either to an advantage to … Read more

American Wellness a revolutionary company, using Platelet Rich Plasma for Aesthetics and Erectile Dysfunction.

What is the Vampire’s secret to eternal youth and beauty? It is the blood! Inside your blood exists miraculous growth factors. These growth factors are more potent and more importantly safer! than any man-made prescription or compound. American Wellness an innovative new company in Las Vegas, Nevada which has simplified these Cosmedical procedures and made … Read more