What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Are you feeling ashamed, stressful and can’t enjoy your sex life with your partner because of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE)? If yes, then no need to worry American Male wellness is always there to help you with it. We bring painful PE and ED treatment which is nothing but Acoustic Wave Therapy. In this therapy, there is no use of any injections. This therapy reactive your penis muscle and recover the ability of erection. This therapy uses typically acoustic waves concerning triggered energy to bring back the activeness of your penis’s tissue. This triggering process is called neovascularization, and it usually uses to the affected portion of the human body which generally form new blood vessels and enhance the blood flow on that particular applied portion.

What is Erection and how erectile dysfunction causes?

Male erections always depend on the blood flow and during the process of sexually stimulation frequently arteries widen so that the penis can fill up with blood. This process gives firmness typically to the human penis for vaginal penetration. Generally, in the case of dysfunction issues the man has problems in blood flow which always weaker the erections, and sometimes the effect is so severe that even some men have no erections at all.

The complete process of Acoustic wave Therapy

No doubt Acoustic Therapy is a successful and clinical treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature ejaculate. This therapy applies typically directly to the penis which is coated in a special kind of gel. This therapy performs on the different areas of the penis, and it will take almost fifteen to twenty minutes. This treatment is painless, so there is no need for any anesthesia during this therapy process.

What about the result of AWT?

Till the date, there are several clinical trials of Acoustic wave therapy, and most of them are successful and gave positive results. When it comes to PE and ED, this Acoustic Wave Therapy is entirely painless, and many patients also provided positive feedback on this therapy that they can improve their penis erections and can able to intercourse properly. Hence it’s proved that AWT or Acoustic wave therapy is a successful treatment which can provide strong erection during seduction; as a result, a man can enjoy his sexual life properly.