How the waves work….

When applied the acoustic wave carry energy
directly to the areas with chronic and sub
chronic conditions, including my skeletal tissues.
The energy heals and regenerates and repairs
the bones, tendons, and other soft tissues.
It is kinetic energy that is transmitted from
the applicator to the tissue where it is applied.

Conditions that can be treated successfully with AWT

Jumpers Knee
Painful Shoulder
Tennis Elbow
Heel Spur
Insertional Pain

Chronic Tendinopathy
Medial Tibial Syndrome
Hip Pain

Acoustic Wave Therapy For Pain And Physical Injury.

AWT is physical energy that causes a biological response and the release of the body’s healing cascade. It is used by orthopedics, physiotherapists, sports medicine, urologists and veterinarians. The main benefits are faster relief of pain and increased mobility. AWT is the ideal therapy because it is non-surgical, opioid free, offers speedy recovery and can cure the root cause of acute or chronic pain. Acoustic wave therapy accelerates tissue repairs, cell growth and restores mobility even for sub-acute and acute conditions.

New Blood Formation

Blood flow is critical to the health of all body parts, specifically soft tissue injuries.  AWT creates new blood vessel growth, and very small abrasions in damaged tissues, tendon and bone.

Reverse of Chronic Inflammation

AWT attracts mast cells which are an important part of the healing process

Stimulates Collagen Production

Collagen plays a key role in the repair process of the body. Ligaments and myoskeletal parts of the body greatly benefit when procollagen synthesis is initiated.

Breaks up Calcified Fibroblasts

Calcium build up is the most common result of trauma or small tears caused to soft tissues or tendons. AWT removes the calcium build up and returns mobility and functions

Helps disperse Pain mediator “Substance P”

Substance P is a neurotransmitter that tells the body how much pain is present through the C-fibers. It is the Neuropeptide that is responsible for intense and persistent chronic pain.

Release of Trigger points

We all have trigger points, they are the parts of the body where pressure and pain build up. When AWT is applied it unblocks the energy and releases the trigger points and the level of pain is immediately improved.


All our patients who come for AWT to AMW usually have spent several years in pain and several thousand dollars seeking treatment.  About 80% of our patients say they have found relief.

During the procedure there is a slight feeling of discomfort as the area is being stimulated and toxins and free radicals released. However, the treatments only last 15min to 30 minutes and a local topical anesthetic can be applied. There is several settings on our equipment the lowest setting is a soft pulse most patients will be able to handle this setting.

Healing is dependent on the damaged tissue response.
Patients see results and huge relief of pain and discomfort after just one treatment, for optimal results and healing typically 3-5 treatments.

Most treatments require 3-5 treatments spread out 3-10 days apart. It also depends on the tissue response and patient toleration. Very often you will have pain relief after your first session.

Most of our patients experience some pain after the procedure, not actual pain more of a soreness, which goes away after 2-4 hours. The soreness is very tolerable and not limiting.

We recommend that patients do not perform strenuous activity involving the treated area for about 48hrs