What is the need for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Do you look matured enough as per your age? With growing age, it is essential to learn about human anatomy. Do you know which body part is responsible for body and facial hair, maintaining bone density, muscle strength, and mass, fat distribution, raising sex drive and sperm production?

How the testosterone functions in the male human body?

Testosterone is the sex hormone in males produced in the testicles. The physiological function of testosterone in the body develops secondary sexual characteristics.
• It plays a vital role in increasing sex drive and sperm production.
• The testosterone in the testicles transforms a boy into a man.
• It deepens the voice, builds muscle mass, strengthens the bones, increases the penis size, produces body hair (facial and pubic hair) and helps in producing red blood cells.
• Overall, it enhances the male sexual characteristics.

The testosterone level increases till puberty and reaches the higher limit during the puberty period in early adulthood. The level starts decreasing with the normal aging process. The testosterone starts decreasing after the age of 30 and the level decreases by around 1% per year! With the aging process, the production of testosterone level reduces significantly.

Reduced testosterone level develops certain health issues and the energy level of the body decreases which also affects a person mentally. A male body requires testosterone exogenous for balancing. Men with low testosterone level need to take immediate steps and fulfill body’s requirements.

Symptoms of low testosterone level

Declining testosterone level with growing age is natural. But, abnormal reduction of testosterone requires immediate attention and treatment.
• Erectile dysfunction
• Reduced sex drive
• Poor performance and energy level
• Facial and body hair loss
• Decreased muscle mass
• Irritation, depression and reduced concentration level

What to do?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is for men with symptoms of low testosterone level. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is also known as Male Hormone Replacement Therapy. The therapy shows improved signs and symptoms of rising testosterone level in the body.

The improved signs of testosterone level get determined from increased muscle mass, blood levels, sex drive, improved mood, etc. The therapy is not for men with the low level of testosterone for aging. The rewarding therapy is available in different forms. Consulting a specialist is essential to get the right therapy.

American Men Wellness offers the best treatment that helps to regain back the power! We suggest the right testosterone Replacement Therapy after diagnosing the individuals. After the therapy, the patients feel lively and younger with a strong body and spirit!